Interfaith Panel Discusses Religious Extremism (Los Angeles Times)

Media1.pngIn 2016, the Muslim-Christian dialogue at La Cañada Presbyterian (LCPC) in collaboration with the Islamic Congregation of La Cañada Flintridge, invited CMCG co-chair Jihad Turk and Advisory Council Member Edina Lekovic to speak about the importance of this partnership, especially in the face of growing Islamophobia.

Along with them, Dudley Woodbury and Jay Muller of Fuller Theological Seminar took part in the discussion, and the panel was moderated by Dallas Raines, a member of LCPC. Watch the video below!


"Christians, Muslims forging new bonds in Southland" (Los Angeles Times)

Media2.png"Southern California has long been on the front lines of religious and cultural diversity and the challenges and promises that brings.

Like the Iberian Peninsula in medieval times, where Muslims, Jews and Christians enjoyed periods of peaceful coexistence punctuated by war and intolerance, the record in Southern California has been mixed.

After the Sept. 11 attacks, Muslims and Muslim Americans across the country were subjected to threats and derogatory remarks, investigated by law enforcement and had their faith characterized as a "terrorist religion."

 "The Supreme Court of the United States Grants Workplace Discrimination Case Supported by Adventists" (Los Angeles Times)

Media3.pngThe Supreme Court of the United States today accepted its first workplace religious freedom case in nearly 30 years, a case that involves a Muslim woman who was denied a job because her hijab—a head covering—violated corporate policy. Adventist feared that a ruling by a lower court could eroded workplace religious freedom rights, including those of Adventists who choose not to work on Saturday, the biblical Sabbath.

"Adventist Muslim Relations Office Statement on ISIS" (Los Angeles Times)

Media4.png"We also call upon people of faith to join in the struggle against prejudiced attitudes towards all Muslims because of the actions of a violent few. We believe that the only antidote to terror is peace and call for all true believers to promote and practice peace in their spheres of influence."








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