CMCG Stands Against the Muslim Ban

CMCG makes it possible for our religious leaders to speak more effectively and with one voice, especially at times of crisis to promote mutual understanding, respect, appreciation, and support of the Sacred in each other. 

To further this end, CMCG has released a statement against the Muslim Ban.

The letter explaining our position on this matter is being sent to all our elected officials to help in informing and shaping their opinion about this issue. See the text of our letter below.

If its content agrees with you values, please use it as a template to create your own letter to send to your elected officials.


Oct. 20th, 2017


Dear elected officials,

As members of The Christian-Muslim Consultative Group we wish to

publicly declare our protest and concern against the current proposed ban

by the president.


It is our position that it targets those of the Muslim faith specifically, which

runs contrary to the basic American value of freedom and integrity for all.

Many of the stipulations within the ban are random and confusing

especially in regards to separating family members.

Fortunately many courts and judges have struck down the ban as being

unconstitutional which we agree is the case.


We understand it is now in the hands of the Supreme court justices and

hope that they will rule according to our Constitution and send a strong

message to our president who seems to disregard the basic rights of those

who wish to enter our country and have already established commitments

here in regards to family ties, business or are students.


It is our hope that you'll take our position seriously and that it might add to

informing you and shaping your opinion about this issue.


Thank you.

Most sincerely,

The Executive committee of The Christian-Muslim Consultative Group


137 North Larchmont Blvd, Suite 689

Los Angeles, CA 90004

The Christian-Muslim Consultative Group

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