The Standing Together Study Guide



The Standing Together Study Guide has been created to facilitate the pairing of churches and mosques for participating in a unique dialogue series that deepens our understanding and appreciation of one another.




It is important to note that a Christian in CMCG has written all the material about Christianity and a Muslim in CMCG has written all material written about Islam. All too frequently and sadly study guides on Christianity and Islam have been completely written by Christians.

The study guide is designed for seven sessions and allows for each pairing to decide the actual amount of time to be spent on each session.

It is preferable that there is a Christian and a Muslim facilitator. Each session includes notes for the facilitator with an accompanying video specific to each session.
We encourage the facilitators to copy the study guide materials for the participants.

The seven sessions include:

  • Session 1: Getting to Know Each Other
  • Session 2: Core Beliefs of Christianity and Islam
  • Session 3: Foundational Practices of Christianity and Islam
  • Session 4: Faith in Practice: Prayer and Ritual
  • Session 5: Intersection of Faith and Practice
  • Session 6: Life Transitions and Rites of Passage
  • Session 7: The Journey So Far; The Journey Ahead


The study guide is $45, plus shipping & handling. 



We of CMCG are very proud of our study guide and hope that as you engage with one another and learn from one another you will come to build life-long relationships that uphold the best of who we are as people of faith.


"{I'm reminded of} a verse from the Qur'an which says that diversity is God's will. There is a verse that says "We created you in nations and tribes so that you might know one another. And had we so willed you all could have been the same."
This is exactly what it was meant to be like. And I know that for me, seeing other people's faith journeys just strengthens my own faith and my own resolve in working in this direction."
~ Edina Lekovic, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

"At the heart of it is a sense of security, of being secure in one's faith, so that you then are not motivated or influenced by fear, but rather develop these relationships of trust." 

~ Thomas Johnson, Lutheran Pastor

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