The Christian-Muslim Consultative Group (The CMCG) was formed in 2006 to bring together Christian and Muslim communities to better understand each other and address issues of common concern. Our members represent leadership in the mainline Christian denominations and several of the largest and most influential Muslim communities and organizations in Southern California. All representatives are actively committed to interfaith and social justice issues within their judicatories.

In 2016, the Muslim-Christian dialogue at La Cañada Presbyterian (LCPC) in collaboration with the Islamic Congregation of La Cañada Flintridge, invited CMCG co-chair Jihad Turk and Advisory Council Member Edina Lekovic to speak about the importance of this partnership, especially in the face of growing Islamophobia.

Along with them, Dudley Woodbury and Jay Muller of Fuller Theological Seminar took part in the discussion, and the panel was moderated by Dallas Raines, a member of LCPC. Watch the video below!  

 Los Angeles Times: "Interfaith panel discusses religious extremism" 

Here, the Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord and Imam Jihad Turk, co-founders of the Christian-Muslim Consultative Group, share the story of the organization's inception and its purpose:

 Our goal is to:

* Bring Christians and Muslims together;
* Break down dehumanizing stereotypes;
* Build loving and compassionate relationships;
* Engage with one another about our beliefs and practice.

For more information about how your church or masjid can get involved, please click the "Standing Together" tab to learn more.


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