Mission Statement

To work in partnership with leaders of various streams of Southern California Christian and Muslim communities to enhance mutual understanding, respect, appreciation, and support of the Sacred in each other.

Goals and Outcomes

The Christian-Muslim Consultative Group promotes learning, dialogue and advocacy among its representative members and our wider communities of faith through lectures, workshops, press releases, youth gatherings, and other activities in order that:
  • Christian and Muslim leaders will learn more about each others’ faith and tradition as well as about their own, which will impact how they present each other to their own community.
  • Christian and Muslim congregations will be encouraged to engage in dialogue leading to greater openness and appreciation of each other.
  • Our religious leaders will be able to speak more effectively and with one voice, especially at times of crisis.
  • Local dialogue and cooperation will lead to changing of Christian and Muslim attitudes toward each other. 
Past events that support these goals and outcomes include:
  • Panel and discussion on Islamophobia in the Media. (This event is available for booking at other venues.)
    • the Omar Ibn al Khattab Foundation (April 2007) and
    • Santa Monica United Methodist Church (Sept 2007).
  • “Searching for Peace: The Prophetic Traditions and Social Justice in Islam and Christianity” held at Centenary Methodist Church in Los Angeles in July 2007. Speakers included Sheikh Yassir Fazaga and Rev. Frank Alton.
  • “Elections ’08: Religion and Patriotism” held at Omar Farouk Masjid in Orange County in November 2007. Speakers included Dr. John Cobb, Rev. Jerry Stinson, Hussam Ayloush, and Dr. Amir Hussein.
  • “Standing Together”, a project of the CMCG that began in 2008, pairs neighboring mosques and churches who are interested in building long-term relationships and providing protection and support for one another in the event of hate crimes.


In March of 2014, The Christian-Muslim Consultative Group welcomed Lori Margaret to our team as our Part-Time Executive Director. Lori is a powerful interfaith ally and brings with her a large wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Lori was born and reared in the Chicago suburbs and has since lived and worked in California, Washington, DC, Seattle and El Salvador, where she served as a relief and community development worker for four years following the 2001 earthquakes.

For the past 10 years, Lori has coordinated medical teams to Central America, worked with an international family foundation, guided students through intensive residency master's of arts programs and worked as a contract writer and editor of interfaith relations programs for a large nonprofit based in California. Her work has taken her to the different corners of the globe where she has experienced the transformational power of travel, especially listening to the stories of the people she encountered.

It was on her first trip overseas, a summer study abroad program in the Middle East during the 1989 Intifada, that she learned of the incredible hospitality and kindness of people of the Islamic faith. Since then, from Pakistan to Turkey to Malaysia, Lori has spent time with communities, families, relief and development workers and government officials seeking to build understanding between people of different cultures, backgrounds and faiths.

These life-changing experiences have inspired her drive to bridge the gaps in understanding that we face in a rapidly shrinking world. "We all have so much in common, and it is our shared humanity that has the power to bring us closer". Lori says, "I am absolutely thrilled to join CMCG and to contribute to the incredible work they are doing to build understanding between people of different faiths. We have so much to learn from each other."

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